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After creating an account, you'll be able to track your payment status, track the confirmation and you can also rate the tour after you finished the tour.
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Terms of Use (en)

These Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms of Service”) govern your membership on Wafuku its associated mobile sites (collectively, the “Wafuku Sites” or the “Sites”) and your purchases and use of products and services available through the Wafuku Sites.
The Wafuku Sites are operated by Beauty & W,Co.Your use of the Wafuku Sites and these terms are also governed by the Website Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), available at https://wafuku.me/en/term-of-use , which are incorporated herein by reference.
By establishing membership on the Wafuku Sites, or purchasing or using services through the Wafuku Sites, you acknowledge and agree as follows.


” Wafuku ” is , ( here in after referred to as the ” Wafuku “. ) Beauty & W Co. is Private Activity reservation site to be provided to the member.
These Terms of Service have been executed and delivered by you and constitute a valid and binding agreement between you and Wafuku, enforceable against you in accordance with their terms. You represent that you are (1) legal age to form a binding contract, (2) not a person barred from receiving services under the laws of the Japan or any other applicable jurisdiction.
You shall establish and use your membership on the Wafuku Sites, and purchase and use vouchers available through wafuku.me in strict compliance with these Terms of Service and all applicable laws, rules and regulations (collectively, “Laws”). All calls, emails and other communications between you and Wafuku may be recorded.

■2.Wafuku Membership

Customers who performs a predetermined member registration ( hereinafter referred to as ” Members” . ) Only , it will be able to use this system. Proxy authorization , lending ID and password , transfer , share , etc. will be prohibited. ID and password should be managed responsibly membership itself. In addition , membership registration and annual fee of when the use of this system is free of charge. In addition , pseudonym , member registration using the pseudonym , etc. , criminal law , such as fraud or , because there is a possibility of conflict with the disloyal act on the business practices that occur through the use of this service , using any of the pseudonym such as registration and prohibited , all the responsibilities that occurred with a violation are the property of their responsibilities on the person or law was registered.

■3.Range of application

This Agreement , regarding your use of this system , it will apply to all members who are you registered. At the same time as the establishment of the membership registration , duties and responsibilities to comply with the good faith this Agreement will occur to the member.

■4. Service contents of this system

Member shall that can be used free of charge the following services in accordance with the present system. Reservation service of ” Wafuku ”
(1) View of information of Activity plans that has been registered in the reservation system
(2) subscribe and cancellation of Activity plan that has been registered in the reservation system

■5. This system use by a third party

Members , our company is assumed to adequately manage the ID number and a password granted to the member and prohibits it to that third party to use. If a third party is using the present system , we will assume our company is that the member it was used. We do not assume any responsibility for damage caused to the member in this case.

■6. Payment

It aims of our site to provide store information and reservation brokerage system to members. Store fees reserved using the current system shall be paid via the system or directly between the member and the store. Our company will be exempted from any troubles between members and the store after visiting the store.

■7. Cancel or modify the responsibilities and risks incidental to that of the reservation

With respect to changes and cancellation of the reservation through the ” Wafuku ” , members are responsible as follows .
(1) Member can perform a cancellation or change of reservation after it was placed in a formal reservation to the Store.
(2) If the member is to cancel or change a reservation , through a ” Wafuku ” , it is assumed to be performed always change or cancellation.
(3) After the members subscription , it will prohibited be cancell Booked without the contact of change or cancellation. In the case of a rule violation by our judgment , the member registration is permanently erased , stop any use of the service , we will ban the future of membership registration.
Also with respect to any of the damages caused by this , its appeal to members who have done this is , you might encounter a strong responsibility accompanied by legally binding. It may also become a defendant on the prosecution such as civil.
(4) members not make any cancellation or change of reservation , when given the damage to the kimono rental shop , store or our company , its any liability for damages , it may be questioned strongly accordance with Japanese law.
(5) not coming to the store after the reservation without churning action , as well as cancellation of membership or spoofing cancellation by the reservation or change , or malice in the reservation and change of reservation and cancellation , as well as unauthorized not coming to the store with a can , criminal liability on criminal law and civil liability occurs, and related organizations such as our company and the police , you may start legal proceedings.
(6) Other , with respect to the conduct of members regardless of any purpose , the Commercial Code , Civil Code , low of the Japan or any other applicable jurisdiction on the responsibility of the Penal Code.


(1)About reservation service of ” Wafuku ”
reservation status , charges, etc. booking system , there is the case that information provided in the stores and our site is different
(2)In the present system , there may be a store to change the charges, etc. In this case , the fee after the change is applied to those who are reserved after the change , it will be applied fee at the time of booking that has already been reserved.
(3)Contracts in accordance with the present system is established directly between the members and the Store. Accordingly, our reservation, for matters arising in relation to the actual services,etc. , our company does not assume any responsibility.
(4)Provision of the store information of the Site , it is intended that the Store is carried out directly under the responsibility of the store facility to be registered in this Site , our company does not assume any responsibility for Store information provided.
(5)For membership registration , as well as our site use with a Store than booking purposes such as sales and business interference , there is a possibility that serious prosecution risks and responsibilities or criminal liability occurs. Member or spoofing purpose of judgment of members of the Member registration , sufficiently please note that our own judgment will be applied.

■9. Copyright

(1) Member , do not give our permission , in any way , for all of the information and files that are provided through this Site , making the use of outside the scope of private use of the individual members specified by copyright law it can not and shall.
(2) Member , do not give our permission , in any way , for all of the information and files that are provided through this site by a third party , you shall not be able to be used and released , and the like.
(3) If the violation and conflict occurred with the provisions of this Article , members , at their own expense and responsibility , as well as to resolve the dispute , shall not damage the company and third parties.

■10. Discontinuation of the service

If applicable to the following items , and we shall be able to cancel or suspend the operation of the Site without any prior notice. In this case , for the damage that occurred to the member -like by the discontinuation or interruption of the operation of this Site , we shall not assume any responsibility.

(1) In the case of scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance of the site.
(2) War , riot , civil commotion , labor disputes , earthquake , volcanic eruption , flood , tsunami , fire , due to a power failure and other emergency , if the operation of this site became difficult.
(3) There is the fact that contrary to the convention , if it is deemed necessary by us
(4) In addition, the site when the temporary interruption is determined as needed , regardless of predictability , any aborted and aborted.

■11. Disclaimer

    (1) Upon the use of this system , e-mail transmission , by a third party or related non-related troubles of any system that does not matter of provider , etc. , to when they have become impossible , we shall have no liability.
    (2) Other provision of the site , or on the basis of the content of the information , if the dispute between the third parties, including members has occurred , the relationship Member shall corresponding in good faith with respect to the dispute.
    (3) For more information about the handling of member information of carrying surveys based on the request of the relevant ministries and agencies of law enforcement agencies or the like based on the law of Japan , member to be handled in accordance with the laws of Japan it will be deemed that consent.
    (4) And membership , with respect to any dispute such as that occurred between the information provider and the service providing vender after reservation of Shop or the like that use our system , our company will be exempt at all.
    (5) Natural disasters, natural disasters, wars, riots, strikes, transportation, accommodation service cancellations, delays, postponements (incidents caused by earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, diseases, and other force majeure events)
    (6) Accidents, food poisoning, theft, or property damage that occurred during the holiday program and free travel
    (7) Japan official holidays and public holidays, special occasions and special holidays
    (8) With respect to all matters other our company is determined to be reasonable , our company does not assume any responsibility.

    ■12 .Prohibited matter

    (1) Upon the use of this system , Member shall that should not be done for the following act. Criminal liability and liability for damages such as the person who has done this is automatically generated , it may take legal action , such as a strong and resolute prosecution through the related organizations.
    (2) Other members , infringes the third party or our property or privacy , or fear of some act of infringement
    (3) above (1) Other (2) , other members , given the disadvantage or damage to a third party or us , or fear of a certain act of giving.
    (4) public policy to act against , or fear of certain Acts that.
    (5) criminal acts , or acts that lead to criminal behavior , or fear of certain Acts that.
    (6) our consent without acts for the purpose of profit to be made in connection with the site through the site , or for the purpose of its preparation behavior.
    (7) the act of illegally using a user ID and password
    (8) The act of performing a membership registration by false information
    (9) The harmful programs such as computer viruses , were used in conjunction with or the system through the system , or provided to act
    (10) in violation of the laws and regulations , or are likely to be violations
    (11) The use of Store information on any purpose other than Store reservation
    (12) the ability to query Store , and act of all to be used in the act other than the Store reserved purpose.
    (13) Other , acts of any of our company deems inappropriate

    If action corresponding to the preceding paragraph was observed We will assume that it is possible to take an equal necessary measures to remove the registration of the members by eliminating any of notification. In addition , members to pay close attention so as not to damage to third parties and our company , by some chance , if you cause damage to third parties and our company , such as all of the criminal responsibility and liability for damages We shall bear the civil responsibility.

    ■13.Privacy Notice

    1.We are , for the personal information of members who have learned through the business , will use for the following purposes.
    (1) your use application information , to contact customers Store , etc. using application.
    (2) In order to our offer those richer the content of the services to be
    (3) In order to contact the customer , if necessary
    (4) We can conduct a survey on such usage and environments , in order to perform a variety of reporting to the facilities and for the company that was the business alliance (limited to the manner in which it is not possible to identify the tabulation and analysis such as personal attributes)
    (5) In order to cooperate with the investigation of public institutions such as the police in line with the laws of Japan.
    (6) The preservation of our interests as well as rights and , acts with the purpose of the claim for damages and avoidance of our damage
    (7) For transmitting information to our offered to users by e-mail magazine format.

    2.For members like personal information obtained through the business , in the following cases , you may want to provide personal data and business partner facilities , government agencies such as the police , to a third party of lawyers.

    (1) If there is a consent of the member the person in question
    (2) When it is necessary for the purposes of paragraph 1
    (3) Member of life , when there is urgent need for the protection of health or property
    3.Item of personal data that we can provide to a third party , it is information or the like to be acquired during the use of the membership registration information and services , these were provided by the means or methods of our jurisdiction system , electronic media and paper media you.

    ■14. Cancellation Policy

    In principle, we will give priority to the cancellation policy stipulated by each stores, but if the store does not specify a cancellation policy, the following provisions will apply.
    Incidentally, “reservation taken” here means that the reservation was approved when Wafuku arranged a reservation completion confirmation mail in response to a reservation request by the user.

    In case of cancellation after “reservation is made”, please send it to Wafuku with a message.
    Cancellation subject to the cancellation fee means a case where the following reasons occur after “reservation is made”:
    (1) When you wish to change the date and time
    (2) Cancellation of application
    In case of cancellation prescribed in the preceding paragraph is made, a cancellation fee is automatically charged according to one of the following three ways specified by Wafuku.
    In addition, “service charge” means the fee that Wafuku collects as a consideration corresponding to the cancellation procedure, and the cancellation fee and service charge are collectively referred to as “cancellation fee etc.”.
    Also, the cancellation policy differs for the experience tour and the wedding plan as follows.

    ●Cancellation Policy (experience tour plan)

    Free cancellation within 8 days of booking.
    (1) 7 to 3rd Days before from the date of reservation: 70% of the plan fee
    (2) 2 Days before from the date of reservation: 80% of the plan fee
    (3) 1 Day before from the date of reservation(previous day): 90% of plan fee
    (4) Starting from the date of shooting the day: 100% of the plan price
      No show : 100% of the plan fee

    ●Cancellation Policy (Photo Wedding,Wedding plan)

    Free cancellation within 31 days of booking.
    (1) 30 – 15 Days before from the date of reservation: 20% of the plan fee
    (1) 14 – 8 Days before from the date of reservation: 50% of the plan fee
    (2) 7 to 3rd Days before from the date of reservation: 70% of the plan fee
    (3) 2 Days before from the date of reservation: 80% of the plan fee
    (4) 1 Day before from the date of reservation(previous day): 90% of plan fee
    (5) Starting from the date of shooting the day: 100% of the plan fee
      No show : 100% of the plan fee

    ●Cancellation Policy(Japanese language school)
    * Up to 3 months course

    (1)No refund for admission fee
    (2)Cancellation from 60 to 41 days before admission … 100% refund of tuition fee
    (3)Cancellation from 40 days to 31 days before admission … 50% refund of tuition fee
    (4)Up to 30 days before admission: 20% of the tuition fee will be refunded
    (5)From 29 days to 21 days before admission: 10% refund of tuition fee
    (6) Admission 20th-Day of admission: No refunds

    Furthermore, the method of paying the cancellation fee varies according to the payment method of your reservation.

    (1) Customers who have made advance payment: they will be automatically refunded to Paypal or credit card same as payment.
    (2) Customers who have requested cash payment on the day and have not yet paid the plan fee: You will be billed at PayPal from this site.
    (3) Customers using bank transfer will be refunded by bank transfer. You will be charged a bank transfer fee for refunds.


    By If the Member to withdraw from the site to send an email message that includes at least the following matters to us , withdrawal procedure is complete. However , either the disabled mail omission of the following , withdrawal procedure it will be deemed to have not been performed.

    Names of members who unsubscribe to
    Unsubscribe to ID and password
    Intention of withdrawal

    ■16.Competent court

    For disputes with members and our company related to this Agreement , and the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction court.

    ■17.Mutual cooperation

    Or when no matters set forth in this Agreement has occurred , when it produced a doubt in the interpretation of this Agreement , it is assumed that members and our company to resolve consultation in good faith.

    ■18.Terms of change and renewal

    We are , without having to obtain prior to the member’s consent , because there are times when you want to change and update the Terms and this system , the occasion is available , please check each time always this Agreement. Terms content update later , only the contents after the update it will be considered as valid.

    ■19. Effective Date
    December 12, 2019 updated
    February 27, 2019 updated
    April 17, 2017